The suspect asked her victims to remove their masks

Two Asian women have been attacked with a hammer in Manhattan.

The incident occurred on Sunday when two Asian women aged 29 and 31 were walking on on 411 W 42 St at 8:40pm.

Video footage shows the attacker approaching them from behind. The suspect asks them to remove their masks before swinging at them with a hammer and eventually walking away as the women tried to fight her off.

The 31-year-old victim suffered a deep cut to her head and was hospitalized.

“I felt like I blacked out for a second,” one victim said. “I just wish everyone could stop this violence.”

NYPD is asking for the publics help in identifying the suspect. Anyone with information is being advised to call 1-800-577-TIPS.

There has been a recent rise in attacks against Asians including an Asian “anti-masker” who was stabbed and killed in Washington.

In another incident, a man who racially abused an Asian American detective is now facing a lawsuit.

A suspect was also arrested for robbing and stabbing an Asian man in San Francisco.

Another a suspect was arrested for stomping on a 61-year-old man’s head in Harlem.

Meanwhile, charges against the man who spat at and punched an 83-year-old Korean grandmother have been dropped.

Elsewhere, the president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce was racially abused and physically attacked. The suspect has since been arrested.

Additionally, three people were arrested for a burglary spree targeting 26 Asian business owners in Colorado and Wyoming in 2019.

An Asian father was also attacked in San Francisco whilst walking his 1-year-old child and an Asian American teen was left concussed after being punched at a basketball game in Oakland.

Also, a man has been arrested after attacking two Korean American women with a cement block.

Most recently, an 85-year-old Asian grandmother and a 65-year-old Asian woman were stabbed whilst waiting for the bus in San Francisco.