"Go back to your country"

An Asian American student has been racially targeted at a school in New York.

In a Facebook post, the victim’s parent said a group of students said racist phrases to their son.

“Go back to your country,” “COVID starter” and “white lives matter, too” were among the racist slurs hurled at the sixth grader.

The incident occurred on Thursday during recess at South Woods Middle School in Syosset.

A statement released by the school read, “The district acted swiftly, initiating an investigation with over a dozen interviews conducted and additional interviews taking place.”

“Multiple communications with the community were sent, and a plan was initiated to build on the existing programs embedded in the K-12 curriculum to combat racism and promote inclusivity in our school community. At the conclusion of the building-level investigation, the district will review the findings and take appropriate steps to address the issue.”

building-level investigation, the district will review the findings and take appropriate steps to address the issue.”
School District Superintendent Dr. Tom Rogers also wrote, “This behavior has no place in Syosset or any other school.”

Family members of the victim were reportedly too distraught to speak publicly but the parents had addressed their concerns at a school board meeting on Monday.

There has been a recent rise in attacks against Asians including charges against the man who spat at and punched an 83-year-old Korean grandmother have been dropped.

Elsewhere, the president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce was racially abused and physically attacked. The suspect has since been arrested.

Additionally, three people were arrested for a burglary spree targeting 26 Asian business owners in Colorado and Wyoming in 2019.

An Asian father was also attacked in San Francisco whilst walking his 1-year-old child and an Asian American teen was left concussed after being punched at a basketball game in Oakland.

In San Francisco, an 85-year-old Asian grandmother and a 65-year-old Asian woman were stabbed whilst waiting for the bus.

An Asian shop owner was also punched in the face by a racist customer in Washington DC.

In Los Angeles, a jail inmate is also facing hate crime charges after attacking a female Asian American custody worker.

Meanwhile, an 11-year-old and 17-year-old were arrested for attacking and robbing an 80-year-old Asian man in San Leandro.

Most recently, an Asian store owner and his son were stabbed by a customer who refused to wear a face mask in Tacoma.

Elsewhere, San Francisco murals celebrating Asian culture were defaced by a man on multiple occasions.