Nancy Toh fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious after hitting her head

An 83-year-old Korean grandmother was spit at and punched in the face in New York.

Nancy Toh was walking on a sidewalk near Westchester Mall in White Plains on Tuesday night at 730pm. She scouring the area for bottles and cans for money.

The assailant approached her and spat at her. He then punched her in the nose.

Toh fell back and hit her head, causing her to lose consciousness. The attack was unprovoked.

A good Samaritan who stopped to help her saw her lying on the ground covered in her own blood.

“Bleeding lots from the brain. Looks like pumping out,” Toh said.

The grandmother waited one day to tell the police according to her daughter. She was reluctant to go to the hospital because she could not afford the medical bills.

“I didn’t think it was so close to home,” Linda Toh said. “And now I’m afraid to go out and my kid is afraid to go out.”

On day after the incident was reported, police arrested 40-year-old Glenmore Nembherd and charged him with a felony assault for intending to cause injury to a person 65 or older.

Nembherd is homeless and has a long history of violence.

“An incident like this — we throw all our resources at it,” White Plains Police Department Capt. James Spencer said.

“This was a very disturbing and serious incident that occurred in a safe city. And it’s one that we won’t tolerate.”

The incident follows a series of attacks on Asian Americans across the country.

Most recently in New York, an Asian American mother was spit at three times whilst holding her baby and was called “Chinese virus” in Queens.

Additionally, a Hong Kong truck driver was beaten and left for dead during a restaurant delivery in New 

Elsewhere in the city, the suspect who stabbed an Asian man in Manhattan Chinatown will not be facing hate crime charges. “If he dies, I don’t give a fuck,” the suspect reportedly said of his victim.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, a senseless attack left a 75-year-old Asian man brain dead. The suspect was already out on probation.

Last month, a 91-year-old man was violently pushed to the ground in Oakland’s Chinatown. The suspect had already been out on bail.

Not too long after, 70-year-old grandmother was knocked to the ground and robbed on her way home from the bank in Oakland.

During Chinese New Year, an Asian woman had her car stolen after being attacked on Chinese New Year in the city.

Consequently, a volunteers group called ‘Asians with Attitudes’ began patrolling the area.

Meanwhile, a store owner in Oakland’s Chinatown was arrested for firing a gun in the air to deter a robber.

Furthermore, a homeless woman has been charged with at hate crime and battery for spitting on and attacking an Asian man in Mountain View near San Jose.

In other news, a ramen store in San Antonio has been vandalised after its owner spoke out against Texas’s reopening.