"Apple will be donating to groups providing support to those affected"

Apple CEO Tim Cook has condemned the recent violence against the Asian community.

On Twitter, the American business executive wrote, “the rising violence against the Asian community is a painful & urgent reminder that we must unite against racism in all its forms.”

Cook stated that Apple will donate to groups that support victims.

“There is no place for hate in our society,” he said. “The team at Apple stands together & we will be donating to groups providing support to those affected.”

Violence towards elderly Asians, particularly in Oakland, has been on the rise.

In one attack, a 70-year-old grandmother was knocked to the ground and robbed on her way home from the bank in Oakland.

Prior to that attack, a 91-year-old man in Oakland was pushed to the ground by an attacker who was already out on bail.

Most recently, four-armed attackers robbed an elderly Asian man who was waiting in line at a bank in San Francisco.

In one incident, a Thai grandfather died after sustaining injuries from being senselessly pushed over.

To combat the violence, a volunteer group called ‘Asians With Attitude’ are patrolling Oakland Chinatown.