"It was unprovoked. He was just sitting on a bus stop"

An Asian elementary school teacher has lost part of his finger after he was viciously attacked at a bus stop in California.

Matthew Leung, 51, said he was waiting at a bus stop last week in Rosemead, California, when a man on a bike talked to him about the bus number.

Five minutes later, the man returned, snatched Leung’s walking stick and beat him with it. During the senseless attack, Leung lost part of his finger.

Leung has worked t Gates Street Elementary School for over 20 years as a paraprofessional.

“This violence should never happen. It should never occur. I mean it was unprovoked. He was just sitting on a bus stop,” said Diane Yokoyama, a teacher at Gates Street Elementary School.

Yokoyama has since set up a Go Fund Me page to help Leung with his medical bills. The page has raised over $34,000 at the time of writing.

The incident follows a series of recent attacks on elderly Asian individuals including an Asian woman had her car stolen after being attacked on Chinese New Year in Oakland.

One incident saw two elderly Asian women being attacked on the New York Subway in two separate events.

In another attack, a 70-year-old grandmother who was knocked to the ground and robbed on her way home from the bank.

Prior to that attack, a 91-year-old man in the city was pushed to the ground by an attacker who was already out on bail.

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