"F***ing ugly bitch"

An Asian American woman was harassed by a racist man on a New York City Subway.

The man was engaged in a verbal altercation with another passenger who he threatened to “fucking hurt” after they told him quieten down. PeiJung Lee filmed the incident and uploaded the footage to Twitter.

“The guy in the video went completely out of control and threat to hurt another passenger before he turned to me,” Lee tweeted.

In another tweet, Lee shared footage of the man turning towards her and spewing racist hate at her.

“Fucking kung flu, fucking shit man,” the man says. “Ain’t got the right to record me. Fucking ugly bitch.”

The official New York City’s transit authority account replied to the tweet saying there was “no room for racism on the subway”.

President Trump triggered controversy earlier this year by using the phrase “Kung Flu” to describe the Coronavirus.

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany separately defended the president.

Although Filipino American leaders in California condemned Trump’s use of ‘the term, the president once again used the term before a crowd in Phoenix, sparking the crowd to chant it it.

Bruce Lee‘s daughter Shannon Lee has described Trump’s “kung flu” comments as “very much a racist”.