"I'm not into your type"

YouTuber The Quartering reports that Asian fans have been angered by PS4 exclusive The Last Of Us Part 2.

The highly anticipated video game released on 19 June and has received 10/10 ratings from IGN and Push Square.

However, a scene involving lead protagonist Ellie and her Asian friend Jesse has proven to be controversial.

In the scene, Ellie informs Jessie she isn’t interested in him romantically.

“I mean, you’re handsome and whatever but I’m not into your type,” Ellie says.

“What? Asians?” Jesse asks.

“Yeah, that’s obviously what I meant,” Ellie responds.

Whilst it must be noted that Ellie’s is portrayed as a lesbian in the plot, some are still outraged at her joke.

“Naughty_Dog and @Neil_Druckmann care to explain how in any way is this joke “woke” or “progressive”? Many fans love to accuse those who dislike the game as racists, bigots and anti-SJW. Is this a SJW joke to you? Hypocrisy at its best,” one person tweeted.

“Really? I wonder what will happen if she said black instead of asian. OMEGA LUL #Asianlivesdontmatter,” tweeted another.

“Wtf did she really say she didn’t like him because he was Asian. The fuck,” another added.

One Twitter user wrote, “Apparently, there is some kind of discrimination against Asians. This is not okay to be a joke.”

The Quartering also questioned, “what if this conversation were to be [about] a black person? In the SJW’s mind it’s not OK to say this but Asians it’s OK?”