"You made a big mistake"

Wiz Khalifa’s new song ‘Hot Now’ is being slammed for racism against Koreans.

Wiz Khalifa’s latest song ‘Hot Now’ is drawing heat from Korean critics who are taking offence to the rapper’s lyrics.

In the track, Khalifa raps, “smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean,” which some are taking as a reference to the shape of Korean eyes.

Under the Khalifa’s official audio video on YouTube, the majority of comments are written in Korean, criticising the rapper.

“If any Korean said some sort of racist thing to black people they would be attacking us like wolves,” one person wrote in the comments on the YouTube video. “Maybe your Korean friends joke about it and are completely fine with this, but clearly most Koreans living in Korea are not. Please think about this.”

The top comment is written in Korean and translates to, “you made a big mistake.”

“I need your explanation about the lyrics. Korean people get hurt because of you. I’m Japanese, but I feel bad like Koreans do,” another commenter wrote in English.

This is not Khalifa’s first time rapping about the shape of Asian eyes. In a Juicy J song titled ‘Smoke a N****’, on which Khalifa featured, the rapper sings, “smokin’ on this potent, feelin’ like I’m floatin’. Lookin’ like I’m Chinese cause my eyes are barely open.”

Khalifa is yet to respond to the criticism.

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