The new video is produced by The Prodigy collaborator Ollie Jones

Fifi Rong has released a music video for ‘Attack’ that features a 16bit Super Nintendo theme.

UK based Chinese singer Fifi Rong has released a retro 16bit Super Nintendo themed music video for ‘Attack’, produced by The Prodigy collaborator Ollie Jones.

‘Attack’ (ft Nick Ford) is the second track from Rong’s latest EP Awake, which was released in February.

In the video, Rong is seen as a video game character in a side-scrolling 16bit format. The MV begins with someone turning on a ‘Super Nicktendo’ and launching the ‘Fifi Rong Attack’ video game.

“Thousands of years in the future, humans and mutants are at wars,” reads the introduction. “As mutants ruined the land, the humans took to the sky. In an attempt to reclaim her land, the queen sent out a robot army. All were destroyed except one. This is the queen’s last hope.”

Rong’s character goes on to use an arsenal of weapons including machine guns and lightsabers, as well as her martial arts, to defeat an array of monsters.

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