"I know what you people do. You people eat your children. It's your fault"

A woman in Las Vegas has punched a 6-year-old Asian American boy as well as racially abusing his parents.

Video footage of the woman shouting anti-Asian slurs went viral on TikTok after she struck the young boy.

The woman is heard shouting “China” while mumbling other words.

“This woman attacked my son. She punched my six-year-old while yelling racist, anti-Asian things,” TikToker @uhmmajo wrote of the incident, which occurred in near Shops at Crystals on the Las Vegas strip.

“I hope the cops picked her up. Mall security just let her go. Yes, we are pressing charges,” the mother added.

The boy’s mother said her husband was walking with the boy, holding his hand, when the incident occurred.

“I was with my two-year-old daughter pushing her in a stroller. She came from behind and punched my son in the neck,” the woman said.

“She was yelling things like ‘I know what you people do. You people eat your children. It’s your fault’.”

Police have since arrested Shelly Hill for battery, hate. and bias crime charges. Hill is being held on $3,000 bail.

“I don’t want her near any children,” the mother said. “She could have done more damage when she hit my son. Especially while saying racial slurs.”

In other news, ESPN host Stephen A Smith has apologized for mocking Los Angeles MLB star Shohei Ohtani for using an interpreter.