24-year-old Queens resident Christian Batista was charged with assault in the second and third degree

Police have arrested a suspect for punching 75-year-old Asian woman in the face in Queens.

Officials have announced that 24-year-old Queens resident Christian Batista was arrested for the crime and was charged with assault in the second and third degree.

The incident occurred on 57th Avenue near 97th Place in Corona on Wednesday afternoon when the victim, Wing Wa Chin, was walking alone.

In an unprovoked attack, the suspect punched Chin the face and fled the scene.

Chin had been walking from the supermarket to her home when the suspect launched his attack.

Police have released video showing the moment the suspect attacked.

In the video, the suspect is seen sitting on the curb before getting up and walking towards the market before punching Chin in the face. The victim then falls to the ground as the attacker casually walks away.

Chin was left with a bruised and fractured bone near one of her eyes. She was taken to Elmhurst Hospital.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is looking into this incident as a potential hate crime.

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