"Dirty fucking dog eater"

NBC reports that 1 in 4 young Asian Americans has experienced racist bullying.

In a report released by the Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign – a high school program run by Stop AAPI Hate – researchers found that 77% of respondents reported anger from anti-Asian hate during the Coronavirus pandemic.

87 high school students interviewed 990 young Asian Americans, discovering that 1 in 4 had experienced some form of racism.

30% of those who experienced racism firsthand were more likely to be concerned about their family.

“I think we hear this a lot, but the youth are the future,” said Cassie Eng, a senior at the Urban School of San Francisco, who worked on the study. “This is a critical time for us to find our sense of self and our identity.”

Examples of such racism was provided by NBC. In one incident, a group of high school boys in Dallas followed a 14-year-old student home, coughing at him and shouting “Ching chong! You have Chinese virus!”

Another 17-year-old boy was told on social media that their “insides are full of ‘f—ing bats”, suggesting they should kill themselves because they are a “dirty f—ing dog eater.”

“Fear is really damaging to a person’s self-esteem and sense of identity,” said Rebecca Wu, a junior at Alhambra High School. “The rise in anxiety about you and your family in public can lead to many other concerning mental health issues. It also prevents you from speaking out.”

In other news, Snooker legend Stephen Hendry has come under fire for comparing Chinese players with robots.