Protesters had muscled Powell’s Books into stop selling the book

Andy Ngo’s boycotted book has become a No.1 Amazon bestseller, according to Asian-Dawn.

Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy will be released in February “tells the story of this violent extremist movement from the very beginning.”

Whilst Ngo’s book is not currently the No.1 bestseller at the time of writing (#30), it still sits ahead of Michelle Obama’s memoirs Becoming (#32).

Las week, a small crowd of protestors gathered outside Powell’s Books in Portland, plastering windows with signs reading “Say Ngo to Fascism” and “Boycott Powell’s, say No to Ngo!”

In response, Powell’s announced on Twitter that the book will not be sold in store but would remain available online.

The Conservative Vietnamese American journalist was attacked by Antifa protestors in 2019 and suffered brain injuries from the incident.

In other news, a hit-and-run victim’s memorial in San Francisco has been repeatedly vandalised.