"Please piss off, you will never be Australian, you don't look like us"

A racist letter was found at a Melbourne store after many businesses including Chinese restaurants were vandalized.

Discovered at a store on Clayton Road shopping strip, the note was later shared by City of Kingston councillor George Hua on Twitter.

“Why don’t you bloody bird and wild animal shit eating Chinese go back to where you came from,” the note begins.

“You have contaminated the whole world, killed millions, you are murderers,” the note states, referencing Coronavirus.

Australia reportedly has more anti-Asian racism related to the Coronavirus pandemic than America.

“We don’t want you here, we hate you Chinese. You are greedy, corrupt criminals. You take our jobs, our land our businesses! And our lives!” The note continues.

“Please piss off, you will never be Australian, you don’t look like us and you don’t accept or respect us.”

“Please fuck off to your own shit filled China!” The note concludes.

Councillor Hua denounced the note stating, “I strongly condemn such racism and violent behaviour. Local businesses are already doing [it] tough through the prolonged lockdown. Now another attack?!”

Victoria police however stated that there was no evidence that the note was connected to the vandalism or that the incident was race-related.

“There is no evidence to suggest the incidents [the damage to the stores] are racially motivated,” Victoria Police said.

In other news, racist hate mail threatening to ‘mercilessly shoot’ Chinese workers was discovered in California.

Many shops along the Clayton Road shopping strip, mostly Chinese restaurants, were smashed. Sadly, it is an attack on…

Posted by Cr George Hua on Tuesday, 8 September 2020