The suspects also hit the woman in the face

Two 13-year-old boys have been arrested for setting an 89-year-old on fire in Brooklyn.

In July, the elderly victim was approached by two men after leaving her home. The men slapped her in the face and set her on fire.

Asian Americans in New York held a march to show their support for the senior victim.

Tomb Raider actor Daniel Wu then offered a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

The victim had left her home in Bensonhurst on 14 July when she was approached by two men near 16th Ave. and 77th St.

Neither attacker said anything to the woman before one slapped her in the face and the other lit her clothes on fire with a match or lighter.

The victim rubbed her back against a wall to put out the flames and whilst her clothes were scorched, she was not badly injured.

Both teenage boys are charged with third-degree assault.

In other news, an elderly woman was caught on film racially abusing an Asian father after his kids used chalk on the sidewalk.