The $200m film only drew in $23 million

Disney’s Mulan has grossed disappointing figures at China’s box office.

Although Disney pulled the blockbuster from western cinemas due to Coronavirus, the film launched in Chinese theatres over the weekend.

Drawing in $23 million, Mulan was the highest grossing film of the weekend in China but was a far cry from what Disney hoped for.

Disney had regarded China as a target region. Domestic Chinese film The Eight Hundred, $161 million when it opened during the August 28-30 weekend.

Maoyan now projects Mulan to only make $41 million over the entire month in China.

Starring Liu Yifei, the live-action remake departs from Disney’s original 1998 animation feature. Gone are the catchy songs and Mulan’s whimsical sidekick.

Instead, the remake is based on the narrative poem ‘The Ballad of Mulan’. In order to save her father from serving in the Imperial army, our heroine disguises herself as a man join the battle.

In the west, Disney is charing $30 to stream the film via Disney+.

Mulan also recently came under fire for not having Chinese subtitles on Disney+.