The Mario-themed park mammoths the adjacent Harry Potter theme park in size

Footage of upcoming Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World has surfaced online, giving us a preview of what to expect.

In a 1-minute clip shared on Twitter, Mario-themed objects are seen in action. Super Mario World coins are seen spinning, a Piranha Plant is seen dancing and a turtle shell is seen swirling.

Browser’s Castle is also spotted in the clip as well as characters such as Goombas, Thwomp and Yoshi. Additionally, Yoshi-themed cars suggest that there will be a Yoshi-themed ride.

Photos shared by Attractions Magazine show the scale of the park, which mammoths the Harry Potter theme park next to it.

There has been no confirmed opening date for the park, which has been indefinitely delayed due to Coronavirus.

More Super Nintendo Worlds are planned to be opened in Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore.