Osaka's Nintendo theme park will open in 2020

Universal Studios has begun construction on its Super Nintendo World in Hollywood.

As reported by Gamnesia, Super Nintendo World is being constructed in Hollywood’s Universal Studios.

Earlier this year, construction of Osaka’s Super Nintendo World after the gaming company partnered with Universal. The theme park is set to open in time for the 2020 Olympics.

Meanwhile, construction of Universal Studio’s Super Nintendo World in Hollywood has begun, with a leaked picture surfacing online.

Orlando is also rumoured to be having a Super Nintendo World too.

The theme parks will be similar to Warner Brothers’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is also located in Universal Studios.

“Right now, at the Universal Studios location in Japan, they’re actually already under construction on what’s called Nintendo Land,” said Motley Fool’s Dan Kline. “It’s a handful of rides. They’ve been very secretive. We know there’ll be a Mario Kart ride. Think of it like the Star Wars expansion at Disney, a very immersive land, a big deal. In Orland, they’ve said, ‘We are going to build out Nintendo properties.’ But they’ve been very cagey about where. The rumors had always been at the original Universal Studios.”

“This is a risk for Universal and a huge win for Nintendo because they’re getting the licensing fee whether it’s an instant success or not,” Kline added. “In theory, you’re going to get people who go on the ride not knowing what Mario Kart is, or never having played Pokémon, and they’re going to enjoy the ride experience and then go out and experience the video games.”