The victim was left with a broken nose

CBS6 reports that an Asian store manager was a beaten up by a customer who refused to wear a mask amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The incident occurred at the Hair and Wig Beauty Supply store in Albany on Friday.

According to the wife of the owner, Jessie Park, the store manager had informed the customer that he should wear a mask if he wishes to shop in the store.

Hate crimes towards Asians have been rising since the outbreak of the pandemic. A report by the Human Rights Watch has shown that Coronavirus is fuelling anti-Asian hate.

CCTV footage then shows the customer approaching the manager before repeatedly punching him and kicking him to the ground. The victim is then left on the floor as the assailant leaves the store.

“Go back to your country,” the unidentified man reportedly said, as well as other racist remarks. Police are searching for the assailant.

“We are part of the community. We are responsible for protecting my employees and my customers too. I’m really so sad at the situation, but most of my customers are good,” Park said.

A doctor said the victim was left with a broken nose.

In related news, a charity employee has been criticised for a racist email he sent in which he blamed Asian people for Covid-19.