Choi Sang-boon is the country's oldest Covid-19 patient

SCMP reports that South Korea’s oldest Coronavirus patient has recovered from the disease and was discharged from hospital.

104-year-old Choi Sang-boon is the 291st patient to recover from Covid-19 in South Korea.

Choi, who had underlying health issues, tested positive for the disease on 8 March at a care home in Gyeongsan City near Daegu. The region was once South Korea’s epicentre of the virus.

She was treated at Pohang Medical Centre where she suffered inflammation of the intestines, decreased consciousness and low blood pressure. Medical staff provided constant supervision and were thanked repeatedly by the elderly woman.

Choi stayed in hospital for a total of 67 days.

“We are all grateful that she endured her long treatment and hardship to return to her normal life”, said Ham In-suk, head of the medical centre, in a statement.

South Korea currently has over 11,000 cases of Coronavirus but health officials are confident in containing the virus as numbers start to fall.

“The number of patients being treated now is at a managerial level for the country’s medical system and this means the treatment system has entered a stable phase to fight the coronavirus outbreak”, said senior health official Yoon Tae-ho.

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