"'I've got a knife in my bag you little Asian dog"

Daily Mail reports that a teenage girl has been charged for spitting and racially abusing two Asian women in Sydney, while blaming them for “bringing Coronavirus here.”

Footage shows the 17-year-old girl shouting, kicking and spitting at the two victims who were waiting to cross the street.

Sophie Do, 23, and her sister Rosa, 19, are seen waiting at the corner of the street whilst the racist teenager starts spewing racist filth.

Among a number of profanities, the teenager screams, ‘I’ve got a knife in my bag… you little Asian dog.’

“Asian bitch,” she says. “You brought corona here. Eat a bat again you dumb whore.”

Police state that the teenager attempted to kick one of the victims but a bystander intervened. When she walked away, the teenager spat in one of victim’s eyes.

“She had pretty good aim, it hit my eye,” Rosa said. “Straight in my left eye. It got in my hair, my cheek, everything. I was flabbergasted.”

“It was horrifying,” her sister said. I really, really wanted to retaliate. I really wanted to hit back, it took everything in me not to.”

Police arrested the teenager on Tuesday with three counts of common assault including offensive language in/near public place, and two counts of attempt stalk/intimidate intend fear of harm.