"I'm just scared. I'm busy buying CCTV systems, repairing glass and buying lamps"

ABC reports that a Chinese Australian family’s home was graffitied and smashed with stones in a Coronavirus-related attack.

Vandals attacked the home in Melbourne two nights in a row.

“Covid-19 China die” was sprayed on the garage and a window was smashed with a large rock.

Resident Jackson said he was “just scared. I’m busy buying CCTV systems, repairing glass and buying lamps,” Jackson said.

“I’m afraid these people will come back tonight,” he added.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said police are investigating the incidents.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews condemned the vandalism too.

“There’s no place in our Victorian community for that sort of conduct. It’s just evil,” he said.

“At a time when we should be coming together and supporting each other, it needs to be called out for what it is. It’s just appalling, absolutely appalling.

“And it won’t help us save lives, it won’t help us save jobs, it’s not only the wrong thing to do, it’s just not smart either.

“We need to be close, we’re all keeping our distance, and that’s very important, but we also need to acknowledge that we are in this together.”

In related news, a 21-year-old Australian woman was seen laughing after being granted bail for “racist bashing of two Chinese students.”