Jakkara Brigham initially faced 12 months in prison

Daily Mail reports that a 21-year-old Australian woman was seen laughing after being granted bail for “racist bashing of two Chinese students.”

Jakkara Brigham was caught on camera punching and kicking an Asian woman, dragging her do the ground.

Initially, Brigham cried in court when she learned she could be jailed for 12 months. The magistrate said she behaved “appallingly”, describing the 21-year-old as an “unguided missile.”

However, after being released on bail and avoiding jail, Brigham was seen laughing.

Brigham attacked the two Chinese university students on Elizabeth Street in the Melbourne CBD at 5.30pm on Wednesday. Neither suffered serious injuries.

The two Chinese students said Brigham taunted them about the Coronavirus before being physically attacked.

“[Brigham] started saying get the f*** out of our country – you don’t belong here,” one of the students said.

“I’m really scared they think it’s OK to do to other people,'” the other student added.

Another woman was seen in the video assisting Brigham but the police are yet to identify her.

She is described as about 20-years-old and Caucasian, with a skinny build and shoulder-length blonde hair. She was wearing a pink jacket on the night of the attack.

In related news, Japanese Australian TV host Kumi Taguchi, spoke out about Coronavirus racism anxiety.