"The threat from the gun was too scary"

San Angelo Live reports that an armed racist KKK supporter who pulled a ‘Coronavirus prank’ on a South Korean student was beaten up.

Angelo State University student Jihan Kim, 23, had returned to his dorm to find posters plastered on his door regarding Covid-19 symptoms.

Kim took the prank personally and regarded it as an attack on his nationality.

After discovering the prank was done by his roommate Michael Luna and another person Shane Stumpf, 20, Kim went to confront Stumpf.

Kim found Stumpf in his own dorm room and engaged in a fight with him. Stumpf managed to push the South Korean student out of his room and locked him out.

Unsatisfied, Kim kicked Stumpf’s door down. On the other side of the door, Stumpf pointed his loaded 12-guage shotgun at him.

“The threat from the gun was too scary,” Kim told a Korean newspaper.

Police would later find a pocket knife and a .22 cal pistol in Stumpf’s jacket pockets as well as his Winchester 1300 12-gauge shotgun.

Stumpf, who was taken to hospital with a bleeding nose, also had a drawing of a KKK figure with a burning cross in front of a Confederate flag in his room. “I go for Jim Crow,” read the caption.

A larger confederate flag hanging on Stumpf’s room was also discovered.

Kim, Stumpf, Luna and Stumpf’s girlfriend Bridges who also had a pocket knife, were taken to the ASU police station for questioning.

Kim and Stumpf were booked into Tom Green County Jail for assault that causes bodily injury. The South Korean student as also charged with trespassing of a habitation.

Both students were released on bond and neither party pressed charges.

Angelo State University permits the possession of firearms on campus provided that they have a CHL or LTC (License to Carry).

However, Texas law states that the minimum age to have a LTC is 21-years-old. Stumpf is 20.

In a statement, ASU spokeswoman Rebekah Brackin said the university condemns discrimination and violence. “Angelo State University is proud of our diverse student body and seeks to ensure that everyone in our community is treated with dignity and respect. We have zero tolerance for violence or discrimination,” Brackin said.

“We know that the vast majority of our students are committed to the university’s values—including creating a safe and secure environment for every member of our campus community, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.”

“While we cannot comment on this case, the university has in place a disciplinary process for student conduct matters,” she added.

In related news, a Cuban singer and social media influencer Malu Trevejo has said she “doesn’t breathe” around Chinese people amid the Coronavirus pandemic.