"I don't give a fuck about what all y'all people in the internet gotta say"

Cuban singer and social media influencer Malu Trevejo has said she “doesn’t breathe” around Chinese people amid the Coronavirus pandemic according to TikTokersBio.

The singer is best known for her song ‘Luna Llena’ which has over 100 million YouTube views.

Trevejo took to Instagram live over the weekend in which she addressed the ongoing pandemic.

“I’m sorry not trying to be racist or anything but every time I see a Chinese person I go uhhh, don’t breathe,” she said just whilst taking in a gasp of air.

“It came from China so it’s a Chinese virus,” she added. “I don’t give a fuck about what all y’all people in the internet gotta sa.y”

Soon after Trevejo went on Instagram Live again making an apology.

“I did make an offensive comment about Chinese people”, she said. “I didn’t know much about it so I talked the way I did, so I am sorry”

“People are going to find shit about you and make you look bad.” she went on to say. “If you are going to make people look bad to make sure you never make a mistake and never made in the past.”

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