"If anyone needs a bulk collection, get DM to arrange pick up!"

A Michelin-starred Chinese chef in London is donating ingredient boxes for those in need during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

In a post on Instagram chef Andrew Wong announced that he is donating the boxes to “those who may be struggling to get out to buy stores, and have some fun cooking ‘sichuan was aubergine’ and ‘singapore noodles’ in the safety of your own homes.”

Wong is the chef at A.Wong restaurant in London, which has one star in the Michelin Guide.

Restaurants across the country have closed as part of the government’s lockdown to contain the virus.

“Please get in contact if you know any elderly or hospitality staff in hard times who would like to have some to store through this hard time,” Wong continued in his post.

He added that Kym’s Restaurant is available for bulk collection and advised his followers to DM the restaurant or Kimberly Hernandez-Ketonen to arrange pick ups.

“All our business plans have gone out the window anyway,” Wong told Reuters.

“Whatever we can do in the immediate future – if we can help one person and make them temporarily happy, give them one meal, then that’s enough for the moment.”

Wong and his team aim to produce 50 to 100 boxes per day and are working with local charities to arrange distribution.

“We’re working together with our local church, which has many links with local charities, who have also got volunteers who are going to distribute it to people in isolation, but also to food banks, the homeless, etc,” he said.

“There are things in this world which are more important than profit and money, and if we go under, at least try and go under with a good heart,” he added.

“There comes a point where there’s no point worrying about it anymore because it’s completely out of our control.”

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