"We want to thank you for bringing this deadly disease to America"

Coronavirus hospital worker has been called out for sending a racist message to an Asian social media user.

Brenda Gooch, who describes herself as a “Clinical Social Worker currently working at Baystate Health” had sent a message the message to Facebook user Vincent Su.

Twitter user Borganized shared the screenshot of the message, in which the caption read, “I don’t use Twitter for this often, but when I see healthcare providers demonstrate anti-Asian racism, it makes my blood boil. These are my fucking clinician colleagues that are supposed to be helping ppl. This woman should not be working.”

In the message, Gooch states that she is working “on the front lines” of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Vincent Su you have no idea that I do work on the front lines,” Gooch writes. “I work at the hospital and a large medical office. And, you have no idea what Social Workers do. They deal with people who are desperate for any type of help.”

Gooch then attacks Su for being Chinese.

“Btw, I looked at you [sic] FB picture and after seeing it, it explained a lot about your ignorance,” she says. “Your last name is Chinese isn’t it. Don’t deny it.”

The hospital worker went on to advise Gooch to not go on Facebook because Americans are displeased with the Chinese.

“If I were you, I’d stay off FB because people in the United States are not too happy with people from China or Chinese descent,” she suggested. “We want to thank you for bringing this deadly disease to America.”

She then continued to attack Su’s appearance. “I look at your picture of a skinny, ignorant, creepy little man on a banana with his little woman,” she said.

“Just go away and until you work where the disease is and until you do something to help people, just go away,” Gooch added. “We don’t want to hear from you.”

Baystate Health – based in Springfield, Massachusetts – responded to the original Twitter post saying “Thank you for sharing. We have passed along to the appropriate people.”

In another tweet, Borganized suggested that Gooch’s real name might be Brenda Johnson after finding a similar profile on Facebook.

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