"What would you do if some random guy ran after your grandma like this?"

An elderly Asian woman as filmed being chased by a man with a sanitizer bottle.

Instagram user and rapper @1k_johnny_ uploaded the video with the caption “Jit wild asf😂😭😭”.

In the clip, a man is heard shouting, “come here! You need some hand sanitizer, santize your ass!” as he chases an elderly Asian woman with a sanitizer bottle.

Hand sanitizer have surged in demand due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Clearly not knowing what’s going on, the runs away but the man continues to chase her and squirts his bottle at her. The man is heard laughing as he pursues her.

Commenters condemned the video and the man’s sense of humour.

“But if a mf did this to a black person during the Ebola outbreak y’all would be mad asf. And y’all still continue to say that black people cant be racist,” one person wrote.

“This isn’t racist she is laughing about it because she think it’s funny and it is funny. I feel so sorry for all of those who feel like this is a act of racism,” another wrote.

“This so messed up . she doesn’t even know whats going on and he’s over here just chasing her with hand sanitizer not only that but recording it,” commented one person.

“This is racist AF and you’re terrorizing an old person. What would you do if some random guy ran after your grandma like this?” Another questioned.

Sadly, this is not the first incident where an Asian person was attacked with sanitizers. Earlier this month, an Asian man was sprayed with a bottle of cleaning product on the New York subway in a Coronavirus-fear-related attack.

In related news, a TikTok user made $4,000 for creating a ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ in which she licks an airplane toilet seat.


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Jit wild asf😂😭😭

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