"The discrimination against Asian New Yorkers has to stop. NOW."

CBS reports that an Asian man was sprayed with a bottle of cleaning product on the New York subway in a Coronavirus-fear-related attack.

A video of the incident shows a passenger opposite an Asian man telling him to “move”. When the Asian man does not respond, the passenger picks up what appears to be a cleaning bottle and sprays him with it.

Wu Assassins actress Celia Au shared the footage with the caption, “stop discriminating cause the virus definitely doesn’t. #racist #coronavirus”

NYC’s Comptroller Scott M Stringer retweeted Au’s post adding, “The coronavirus is in countries all over the world. The discrimination against Asian New Yorkers has to stop. NOW.”

Responding to the incident to CBS, Jo-Ann Yoo, executive director of the Asian American Federation said racism is worsening the situation.

“A lot of the Asian American community, we are New Yorkers,” she said. “These attacks, these racist comments do not help the situation.”

In related news, a Singaporean student was been beaten up in London by attackers who said he had the Coronavirus.