“Nothing is official until I say something"

SCMP reports that former Toronto Raptors guard Jeremy Lin has been offered US$3 million to join Chinese Basketball Association team Beijing Ducks.

Reports claim that Lin’s representatives have been talking about him signing up for the upcoming 2019-20 CBA season.

The Beijing Ducks seem to be the team most likely to draw in the Taiwanese American star. The team, which signed Stephon Marbury played on for seven seasons, allegedly offered Lin over US$3 million.

Each CBA team is allowed two foreign players.

However, Lin himself has not confirmed anything.

“Nothing is official until I say something,” Lin said. Additionally, Lin’s team reportedly quashed rumors that they were in talks with the CBA, claiming they had “no intention” of negotiating with a CBA team.

Nonetheless, the Chinese American basketball star said he was considering playing in Asia to join his younger brother Joseph. He also said that the NBA had given up on him.

“About five years ago, I began to consider whether I should play basketball in Asia, because every year when I visit the region I see so many fans, and they make me want to play a few seasons in the region,” Lin said.