"Rock bottom just seems to keep getting more and more rock bottom for me"

CNN reports that Jeremy Lin has given an emotional interview in Taiwan about how he has “hit rock bottom”.

This NBA season, Lin became the first Asian American to become an NBA Champion after the Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors to take the title.

However, having played very few minutes on court, Lin has found difficulty in looking where to turn next. Last week Lin said he would consider playing in Asia with his younger brother who plays for Taiwan’s Fubon Braves.

Lin has since opened up about his struggle in an emotional interview in Taiwan.

“Every year it gets harder,” a teary-eyed Lin said as a Taiwanese interpreter translated. “There’s a saying, and it says once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up, but rock bottom just seems to keep getting more and more rock bottom for me.”

Now in free agency, Lin added that he has not received much support from the NBA. “So, free agency has been tough,” the 30-year-old said. “Because I feel like, in some ways, the NBA has kind of given up on me.”

Lin played 3.4 minutes in the 2018-19 playoffs and only 1 minute in the NBA Finals.


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#JeremyLin speaks candidly about how difficult free agency has been for him. • (🎥: GOOD TV)

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