BTS will take over Spotify’s Teen Party playlist for the next seven days

BTS have become the first group from Asia to reach 5 billion streams on Spotify

Billboard reports that Kpop group BTS are the first group from Asia to reach 5 billion Spotify streams.

BTS, who released their new album Map Of The Soul: Persona on Friday, are the only Kpop group to reach the milestone.

To celebrate the release of their new album, Spotify promoted the group through their Teen Party playlist, which has almost 4 million followers. The group have taken over the playlist for a week.

All 17 BTS albums are listed on Spotify, as well as EPs and several standalone singles.

However, the group still has a long way to match western artists in terms of streams. In 2018 alone, Drake had 8.2 billion streams. The Canadian rapper’s total stream count is well into eleven digits.
Nonetheless, BTS’s milestone only counts Spotify activity. With music videos being played billions of times on YouTube, as well as billions of streams on Apple Music, Napster and Deezer, BTS’ achievement is still noteworthy.

Last year, BTS singer Suga teased a collaboration with British songwriter Ed Sheeran. As hinted, Map Of The Soul: Persona contains a Sheeran collaboration titled ‘Make It Right’.

In other Kpop news, BIGBANG star Seungri was dropped earlier this year by YG Entertainment as a result of a sex bribery scandal. Kpop star Jung Joon-young also quit the industry for his involvement in the scandal, in which he secretly filmed 10 women.