"She has the outfits. She lives at home. She needs a man."

Awkwafina has discussed her character in the Crazy Rich Asians sequel.

Too Fab reports that Awkwafina has talked about what she wants to happen to her character Peik Lin in the Crazy Rich Asians sequel.

Earlier this month, Crazy Rich Asians became the top grossing rom com in 10 years. Building on that success, a sequel is already in the works.

Little is known about the sequel other than it will be filmed in China and will be based on Kevin Kwan’s second book in the trilogy,  China Rich Girlfriend.

Awkwafina admitted that she also did not know too much about the upcoming film, but she is incredibly excited for it.

“We’re not even there yet,” she said. “I think all we got was just the word and when I have no idea. I can’t wait. I can’t wait for it.”

Nonetheless, she has high hopes for her character, Peik Lin. “Peik Lin needs a man!” The 29-year-old rapper said. “Let’s get her a man! She has the outfits. She lives at home. She needs a man.”

Reflecting on Crazy Rich Asians, Awkwafina believes the film and its sequels will have the support of the Asian American community.

“I think the franchise will always have that heart,” she said. “I think it will always show Asian people and Asian American people as they are. So that will always continue. The cool thing about ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ is its kind of mapped out for us, as you know, at least the next three. I hope that we can honor the book and if anything else that we can include, that will be good. “

In related news, Awkwafina was announced as the host 0f the 22nd Hollywood Film Awards.