China Rich Girlfriend is the second novel in Kevin Kwan's trilogy

The sequel to Crazy Rich Asians will be filmed in China.

According to Variety, the sequel to Jon M Chu‘s all-Asian cast film Crazy Rich Asians will be shot in China.

Earlier this month, Crazy Rich Asians became the top grossing rom com in 10 years. Building on that success, a sequel is already in the works.

Chu admitted to laying seeds in the original for a potential sequel by teasing audiences with an ambiguous end credits scene.

“The idea is to tell the story in the next movie,” Chu said, adding that Shum’s appearance in the film was intended to be a cameo. “I made a promise to Harry, so I’m going to do it.”

Producer John Penotti, president of SK Global, said at the Chinese American Film Festival’s Co-Production Summit in LA that China Rich Girlfriend is will shoot in Shanghai.

“We certainly tried to make the (first) film as a China-U.S. co-production. But (as a company, we) haven’t been very good at doing co-productions,” he said.

Characters played by Gemma Chan, Harry Shum Jr, Chris Pang, Sonoya Mizuno and Pierre Png are expected to be built upon in the next film.

Kevin Kwan, who wrote the book that the film was based on, wrote Crazy Rich Asians as part of a trilogy. 2015’s China Rich Girlfriend and 2017’s Rich People Problems followed on from the original story.