The ESL teacher was left with a fractured skull

‘North Cack’ rapper G Yamazawa’s sister was assaulted and hospitalised by a stranger.

G Yamazawa’s sister was violently assaulted and hospitalised by a random stranger.

The ‘North Cack’ rapper posted about the incident via his Instagram. Yamazawa did not state where the incident occurred but informed his followers that his sister was the victim of an assault by a random stranger.

She suffered a fractured skull and required ten stitches. However, as there was no internal bleeding, she was discharged.

Yamazawa said his sister often provided him strength and protection, and even gave him classic hip hop album Ryde or Die Vol. 1 for his 10th birthday.

The Japanese American rapper also revealed his sister is an ESL teacher to refugee students and is a mother of a child with special needs.

“She’s a fucking beast,” Yamazawa summed up.

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yesterday morning my sister was assaulted by a random stranger and was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull. fortunately there was no internal bleeding and she was discharged with ten stitches last night. she’s in high spirits. huge thank you to the friends and family who sent recovery vibes her way. . my sister has always been a protective force for me. my growing appreciation and respect for women began with her warmth and wrath. she gave me ruff ryders ryde or die volume one for my 10th birthday lol. she wore a traditional kimono to her senior prom and wedding. she teaches ESL to refugee students at a community college. she’s the mother of a child with special needs. she’s a fucking beast. I love you Em see you soon 😩

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