70+ new emoji are available on iOS 12.1

Apple has added mooncake, red envelope and mosquito emojis in their latest iOS update.

As reported by Quartz, Apple has introduced new Chinese themed emojis including mooncakes and red envelopes.

The addition of these icons comes with the latest iPhone software update iOS 12.1. In the update, Apple introduced over 70 new emojis.

Software updates for all iOS, macOS and watchOS will also feature the new emojis.

Apple said in a press release it added “more characters to the keyboard that better represent global users.” 

Although Chinese users will have to wait another year to make use of the mooncake emoji, as Mid-Autumn Festival has just past, digital red envelopes will be available in time for Chinese New Year.

WeChat users can already send virtual red envelopes with real monetary value but Apple’s iOS emoji simply offers a free digital icon.

Other Asian icons include a new mosquito and a new abacus emoji.