"My purpose is to get Asian dudes booty!"

Timothy DeLaGhetto has delved into why Asian men are deemed as unattractive to women.

Timothy DeLaGhetto has uncovered why women have a hard time finding Asian men attractive.

In a video titled Why Are Asian Men LEAST Popular Among Women?, DeLaGhetto is joined by fellow Wild N Out performer Nikki Blades as the pair discuss the topic.

Reflecting on his own video content, DeLaGhetto recalls how he was praised for his confidence. “From day one, there were people saying, “I’ve never seen an Asian guy talk like this and be so confident”,” DeLaGhetto says.

However, the rapper added that his confidence was not unique for an Asian male, but just unseen by the rest of society. “It wasn’t because I was necessarily rare, it was because people had never seen that,” the Asian American rapper said. “It’s not because outgoing Asian dudes are rare, it’s because those people had never been used to Asian people in general.”

DeLaGhetto sites television as the source of the problem. “They saw what they saw on TV,” he said. “Maybe that’s why people aren’t used to Asian dudes like that.”

Blades agrees with DeLaGhetto, saying there was only really one Asian actor when she was growing up. “Tell me your favourite Asian actor growing up,” she asks.

“People are automatically going to think Jackie Chan,” DeLaGhetto responds.

Blades adds that the problem continues to exist to today. “It’s so rare even to this day,” she says. “There are very few [Asian actors]. One would be the Asian guy on Hawaii Five-O. There are bits and pieces but you would never see a cast.”

DeLaGhetto agrees, saying Asian men even celebrate moments when Asian characters succeed in the romance department. “You know how excited everybody was when Glen fucked the white girl on the Walking Dead, all the Asian dudes were like “yes, he’s fucking this white girl on TV. That’s what we need – representation!””

Blades circles the issue back to society. “You don’t really see buff Asian guys in movies other than Jackie Chan or in romantic roles,” she says. “That’s probably why as a society, if we’re not seeing it, how are you going to get familiar with it?”

Nonetheless, DeLaGhetto hopes to do his part by demonstrating that Asian men are much more than the stereotypes portrayed on TV.

“Every time I get a comment from someone who says “I never thought about dating an Asian guy until I watched Timothy’s videos,” I feel like I’m doing the Lord’s work,” he said. “This is my purpose of life! My purpose is to get Asian dudes booty!”

Earlier this year, DeLaGhetto appeared alongside Justin Bieber in a sketch titled Racist Superman.