"I feel like I'm watching Rush Hour, the bad one"

Timothy DeLaGhetto has appeared alongside Justin Bieber in a sketch called Racist Superman.

In the 8-minute clip, eight different versions of Superman meet at a restaurant to decide who is the best version. The eight Supermen comprise of Hispanic Superman, Black Superman, Asian Superman, Jewish Superman, Middle Eastern Superman, French Superman, Swedish Superman and Canadian Superman.

Each Superman is torn apart by the other Supermen who poke fun at their racial stereotypes.

MTV’s Wild ‘n Out star Timothy DeLaGhetto plays Asian Superman whilst Canadian Superman is played by none other than Justin Bieber.

Asian Superman is introduced when Hispanic Superman (Rudy Mancuso) and Black Superman (King Bach) struggle to calculate the tip.

When DeLaGhetto appears, Hispanic Superman and Black Superman begin laying into his Asian stereotypes.

“Superman is supposed to fly and fight crime, not do karate kicks,” says Black Superman.

“You, always late,” Asian Superman responds, pointing at Black Superman. “You, probably illegal,” he says, targetting the comment towards Hispanic Superman. “Asian Superman is so hard working, so cute, so handsome. Number one”


Hispanic Superman responds, “do you understand a word he’s saying?”

“I don’t understand one word,” Black Superman replies.

“You come with subtitles?” Hispanic Superman adds.

 “You’re like Jackie Chan when he was first born,” Black Superman says.

“Hey, not cool!” Asian Superman responds. “Jackie Chan’s amazing… He’s a good actor.”

“I feel like I’m watching Godzilla,” Hispanic Superman says.

“I feel like I’m watching Rush Hour, the bad one,” Black Superman adds.

“You probably can’t eat here because they don’t have chopsticks,” Hispanic Superman says.

Asian Superman quickly replies, “Asian Superman is always prepared,” before whipping out a pair of chopsticks.

Bieber appears later as Canadian Superman, dressed in full hockey gear. However, he is “too nice” to roast the other Supermen and is dismissed by the other characters.