The Community actor initially thought he was being heckled

Ken Jeong stopped his stand up show to save a woman who was having a seizure.

SCMP reports that Ken Jeong stopped his stand up comedy set in order to help a woman who was having a seizure.

The incident occurred in Phoenix on Saturday at the Stand Up Live Comedy Club. Jeong was in the middle of his set when a woman in third row started having a seizure.

Jeong reportedly initially thought he was being heckled but after the lights came on, it was clear the woman was in distress.

The Community actor, who was a doctor before he became a comedian, jumped off stage and help the audience member.

“He couldn’t see what was going on with the lights. He thought he was being heckled. He was playing with them from the stage for a second,” audience member Heather Holmberg told USA Today.

“It was a moment where time stands still. Someone was having a crisis. There was a hush over the room.”

Jeong stayed with the woman who regained consciousness until the ambulance arrived. He then returned to the stage in a round of applause to finish his set.

The 48-year-old actor received his medical degree in 1995 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and began moonlighting as a comic soon after. Although he does not practice medicine anymore, he is still licensed in California. His certification reportedly expires in July.

In other news, Jeong recently took on Shaquille O’Neal in a rap battle on Drop The Mic.