"I battled Yao Ming and he was my enemy, now they got me on this show taking on his Mini-Me"

Ken Jeong has taken on basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal in a rap battle on Drop The Mic.

In the latest Drop The Mic episode, where celebrities roast each other in rap battles, Ken Jeong was featured taking on NBA legend Shaquille O’ Neal.

Jeong was first to unleash his rapping skills, bringing out his Mr Chow character from The Hangover series.

“You were a superstar but now you’re a sucker,” Jeong raps. “Goodbye Mr Shaq, too-da-loo motherf*cker.”

His Mr Chow voice returns again when Jeong raps, “you think that you’re a comic, so let me tell you Shaq, you are only funny… because you’re fat.”

Shaq instantly went after Jeong’s size. “This doctor ain’t a genius, only famous for The Hangover,” he raps. “And having a small penis.”

“I battled Yao Ming and he was my enemy,” Shaq continues. “Now they got me on this show taking on his Mini-Me”

“You can fit in my pocket,” Shaq raps later on. “If you need a sleeping bag, I’ve got a condom in my wallet.”

Jeong responds to Shaq’s comments about his genitals by attacking his career. “When people saw my penis, they went nuts,” Jeong raps. “You went from dunking basketballs to Dunkin Donuts.”

“Let me ask you one thing that really got me laughing,” Jeong adds. “How did a guy who mumbles every word get into broadcasting?”

Shaq hit back at Jeong’s career too. “You went from a doctor to an actor trying to make money,” Shaq responds. “They say laughter’s the best medicine, how come you ain’t funny?”

“I dropped four albums, two million sold and all,” he adds. “You only dropped shit cos you’re hands are small.”

Whilst both served each other up well, Jeong was ultimately crowned the winner.

Last year, Fresh Off The Boat star Randall Park took on James Van Der Beek in a Drop The Mic rap battle too.

In other news, it was recently confirmed that Ken Jeong is set to appear alongside Mel Gibson in upcoming film Boss Level.