"Rebekka Harajuku at your service"

Bella Hadid has revealed that she has a secret Japanese identity and alter ego.

In a post on Instagram, Bella Hadid revealed a picture of her now not-so-secret identity, Rebekka Harajuku. “Rebekka Harajuku at your service,” Hadid wrote in the caption. Her alter ego’s Instagram account @rebekkaharajuku has amassed more than 20,000 followers in two days.

Pictures on the account shows Hadid sporting a blonde bob and sunglasses in Tokyo locations. In one picture, ‘Harajuku’ is seen posing with a local taxi driver whilst doing the peace sign. The caption reads, “Rebekka as seen this past weekend in Shibuya, Tokyo.”

“Bex‍♀ Caught in Shabuya,” reads another caption.

Although Hadid avoided dressing up in Harajuku style, Teen Vogue criticised the model’s decision to use a Japanese alter-ego. “Bella’s alter ego points to the troubling history of Japanese culture being exploited by non-Japanese celebrities,” the publication writes.

Teen Vogue goes on to remind us that Gwen Stefani’s debut solo album ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby.’, released in 2004, was guilty of being “the best-known examples of non-Japanese celebrities’ use of Japanese culture”

Towards the end of last year, sister Gigi Hadid withdrew from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai after she posted a controversial racist buddha joke on Instagram.