Doctors confirmed the boy had a concussion

A pregnant woman in China was caught on video tripping a 4-year-old boy on purpose, causing him to have a concussion.

According to The Washington Post, a 4-year-old boy was tripped by a pregnant woman at a restaurant in Shaanxi province after he ran through some plastic curtains that knocked into the expecting mother’s face whilst she was eating.

The young boy had rushed into the hot pot restaurant to take some chopsticks from his parents who owned the eatery. On his exit, the woman stuck her leg out to trip him. The boy landed on his stomach but doctors later confirmed he had a concussion.

Caught on CCTV, the incident went viral on Chinese social media. On Weibo, the clip was shared over 67 million times. Comments included, “I think this pregnant woman is overreacting. The child is still young and ignorant. You can tell him off, but you can’t tackle him. He is carrying chopsticks in his hand — what if you’d really hurt him? You’ll be a mother soon, aren’t you afraid of your own children being harmed? Your aggression is not good for you baby. You’re an adult — shame on you!”

After reviewing the footage, the boy’s mother reported the incident to the police.

“At first I thought my boy tripped himself, but later he told me that the woman tripped him, which was confirmed by other customers in the shop,” the boy’s mother said. “I checked the CCTV and was so angry that I called the police.”

The pregnant woman apologised and offered to pay for any incurred medical expenses. She was fined $158 fine and given a suspended police sentence.

However, the boy’s mother insisted that the woman should be left alone. “We do not wish to affect her,” she said. “I have children myself. I can understand.”