The tank-like vehicle is the world's first and only.

Batman’s tank-like vehicle Knightcrawler from Justice League has arrived exclusively in Singapore.

Channel News Asia reports that the 14m by 3.4m replica vehicle can be found at VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping mall.

The project took one year and was kept entirely a secret as requested by the Justice League filmmakers. Assembling the built-to-scale replica took 36 hours to assemble on-site.

A time-lapse video of its assembly has been shared on Facebook.

Batman’s hybrid electric vehicle, which features in the latest DC film, is armed with a replica flame thrower, Howitzer cannon, twin .50 caliber retractable machine gun turret, front tow missile launcher and rear rocket launchers.

It will remain in Singapore until 3 December before heading back to Warner Bros in Los Angeles. Shoppers can visit the vehicle for free.

Looks what here? Knightcrawler in the house! #justiceleague #batman #knightcrawler

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The Batman’s Knightcrawler ! #batman #knightcrawler

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