The women were unable to board their flight and were detained at the airport.

Three Chinese women who visited South Korea for plastic surgery procedures were unable to return home because their faces no longer matched their passports.

The New York Post reports that the women were in their 20s but remained unidentified. Their faces were so badly swollen post-surgery that they looked like different people.

The Post references Asia Wire, which released a viral image of the women on Monday that was like over 51,000 times and shared over 23,000 times.

The women had flown to South Korea during China’s Golden Week – the national holiday where people are encouraged to take paid holidays.

As their faces were wrapped in bandages post surgery, the three women were unable to detained by immigration officers at passport control as their identified couldn’t be matched. Officials checked their tickets and travel documents but were unable to prove they were the people they had claimed to be.

The women were prevented from boarding their flight.