The action role playing video game has been in the works since 2006

Final Fantasy XV sold 690,471 retail copies within its first week in Japan.

The highly anticipated game has taken 10 years of development to complete, with its first announcement dating back to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016.

The latest iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise was released on 29 November 2016.

Despite its large number, previous Final Fantasy games have been more successful in selling retail copies. Final Fantasy XIII sold 1,516,532 copies within its first week in Japan, whilst Final Fantasy XII sold 1.8 million copies. Final Fantasy X sold 1.7 million and Final Fantasy VII sold 2.03 million.

The drop in retail purchases could be a result of gamers purchasing digital versions of the game.

Nonetheless, the latest FF tops the Japanese sales chart, overtaking Pokemon Sun and Moon, which sold 223,051 copies.