Even anime characters have blood types

In Japan, being asked about your blood type is not uncommon. But why?

For many of us in the west, blood types are regarded as medical jargon and play very little importance in our daily lives. (I’m not even sure I know what mine is, let alone my best friend’s!) However, in Japan, asking someone’s blood type can be as common as asking their star sign.

Contrary to what you might initially think, they aren’t asking for health concerns. Instead, the Japanese believe that your blood type can determine your personality. Certain blood types present certain characteristics. So what does your blood type say about you?

Type A

Those with type A blood are recognised to have a deep rooted strength that enables them to stay calm in a crises, even when others are panicking. They avoid confrontation because they feel uncomfortable around people and are often withdrawn, shy and introverted. Politeness is a common characteristic with type A blood people. They’re very responsible and strive for success, as well as being creative and artistic. Stressed and conscientious are typical Type A people, hence why characters such as Hotohori, from Fushigi Yûgi manga, are written as A-types.miaka-hotohori

Type B

These guys are the practical ones. They specialise in what they do and take a strict approach to time regulations and directions. They are attentive and focused but are often less cooperative as they work better alone. Often regarded as individualists, B people prioritise thoughts over emotion and often seem cold. Genki anime characters are typical B types.minamike0129dr2

Type O

Type Os are outgoing, social, energetic and flexible. However, commitment is hard for O types. Nonetheless, they always speak their mind and value other people’s opinion. They enjoy being the centre of attention and are extremely self confident. Type O is the most average blood type and is considered to be the best in Japan. Sailor Moon is a typical Type O.


Type AB

Regarded as the most difficult blood types, these guys can posses polarising characteristics found on either end of the spectrum simultaneously. They can be both shy and outgoing and can switch between either very quickly. However, they are trustworthy and are keen to help out, as long as it is on their own conditions. Those interested in arts and metaphysics are often AB types. AB is the least popular blood type as they are regarded as loose canons. Consequently Anime villains are likely to be written as AB types.




A is most compatible with A and AB.

B is most compatible with B and AB.

AB is most compatible with AB, B, A, and O.

O is most compatible with O and AB.

The Japanese tradition of analysing blood types most likely stems from the fact that they have a more even distribution of blood types than that of Caucasian dominant populations. In the west, type O and type A blood types are the most common, representing 44% and 39% of the population respectively, whilst B is found in 10% of the population and around 4% have AB. In Japan, 30% are Type O, 40% are Type A, 20% are Type B, and 10% are type AB.

Whilst there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that blood types and characteristics are related, it’s an interesting theory that finally explains why anime characters have blood types.