Including Spirited Away’s Chihiro Ogino

A video showing Studio Ghibli characters reimagined in real life has surfaced online and it’s beautiful.

Created by YouTuber Kojer, the video takes beloved fictional animated characters created by the Anime studio and juxtaposes them in various locations around the world.

The short clip includes Ponyo darting across a lake in South Korea and Spirted Away’s Chihiro Ogino on a train.

Kojer has managed to immerse these animated characters naturally with the real world and the result is breathtaking. Together with the emotive music, Kojer’s video is moving, nostalgic and genius.

Studio Ghibli has created 20 feature films, winning a number of awards along the way including Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards for Spirited Away.

Earlier this month, Studio Ghibli artist Michiyo Yasuda died at age 77. The iconic animator worked on 13 productions including My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.