The first trailer for the film was debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival

A white actor, Billy Magnussen is starring in Birth Of The Dragon, a film depicting the legendary fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. People aren’t happy.

Deadline revealed the first trailer for Birth Of The Dragon at the Toronto International Film festival.

Whilst Bruce Lee is played by Philip Ng and Wong Jack Man is played by Yu Xia, the film centres around Billy Magnussen, who plays Steve Mckie, which is basically Steve McQueen. Magnussen’s character is one of Lee’s students who brings the two legendary martial artists together.

Since the release of the trailer, people were quick to recognise another whitewashing scandal.

Twitter user Andrew Wheeler wrote “thank God they made up a white person to centre this Bruce Lee biopic on, or I wouldn’t know how to watch this film” whilst the aptly named Twitter user Angry Asian Man tweeted, because every movie — even a film about Bruce Frickin’ Lee — needs a white guy as the central character”.

Hollywood recently came under fire for whitewashing after starring Matt Damon in Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall.