Elvis Tsui, Allan Zeman, Candy Hau, Yukimo Cheng, 杜小喬 and Benjamin Au Yeung Wai Ho also try out Sony's latest gadget

Footage of Playstation VR being tested out on Hong Kongers has emerged online and it looks fantastic.

Sony’s new virtual reality headset will launch as early as October. With the days drawing closer, Playstation has been trying out its latest gadget on Hong Kong celebrities.

In the video, the celebs are shown looking at the device skeptically, before putting it on. Acting veteran Kenneth Tsang confidently says, “it’s always good to try something new” and an excited Candy Hau exclaims, “let’s get started!”

From the footage, it appears that the celebrities were shown a range of games, covering a range of genres. First of the bat is what appears to be a horror game. An anxious 杜小喬 says, “my hands keep shaking, oh my gosh!”

Next up is a first person shooter. Kenneth Tsang again showcases his confidence saying “nothing scares me, not even a real pistol”, before launching into the game to shoot robots whilst exclaiming, “wanna trap me again? You gotta die!”

The video goes on to show the celebrities visiting a virtual aquarium, which Hong Kong businessman Allan Zeman says resembles Ocean Park, before being attacked by a great white shark.

Other games are less terrifying, including what appears to be a cartoon dinosaur game and an Anime-based dance game.

It certainly seems like the celebs had fun whilst using Playstation VR – “you gotta try it!”, “it’s really fun”, “this is so great”, “what a wonderful game” – were amongst the celebs’ initial reactions.

We can’t wait to try it!

Playstation VR will be launched on 13 October, costing around $399.