"I gave my parents a lot of crap and asked, 'Why didn't you just name me 'Steve' or 'Tommy?'"

Shang-Chi star Simu Liu has he would have changed his name to “Steve” if he could.

Promoting the Marvel’s first led Asian blockbuster, which is released today, Liu spoke to USA Today about the pronunciation of Asian names.

Growing up, Liu said he wanted to change his Chinese name to a more western-friendly one.

“I would’ve given anything to change my name to something a little bit more Anglicized,” he said.

“I gave my parents a lot of crap and asked, ‘Why didn’t you just name me ‘Steve’ or ‘Tommy?'”

It’s not the first time the Chinese Canadian has spoken up about pronouncing his name.

In July 2019, Liu tweeted a video titled “How To Pronounce Simu Liu” with the caption “a little how-to guide.”

Later that year he tweeted, “So y’all can pronounce “Daenerys” and “Joaquin” easily… but not my simple-ass name?” with a shocked gif of himself.

Most recently for Asian Heritage month, Liu tweeted that his name was pronounced “SEE-moo LEE-ew” and Shang Chi was pronounced “SHONG-chee.”

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